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InnoBaltica Ltd. company, Gdańsk, Poland, was established as an incubator of innovation - a company concentrated on implementation of innovative projects and solutions that can help to improve the quality of people's lives. InnoBaltica’s shareholders are: Pomorskie Region, local authorities of metropolitan cities (Gdańsk and Gdynia) and regional research universities: Gdansk University of Technology, University of Gdansk, Medical University of Gdansk. 

At the moment, the most important project is to work out, construct and implement an integrated ticketing system for public transport in the Pomeranian Voivodship. It will also include joint passenger information and electronic tools for fare collection. 

The current public transport offer hardly meets customer expectations in the matter of easiness and attractivity of day-to-day journeys. To achieve that InnoBaltica works with experts and customers on its fundamental transformation – keeping the most pressing challenges of 21st century as major ambitions in undertaken activities. 

Solutions: composed by passengers together with InnoBaltica's practitioners specialized in the project implementation - are expected to help creating sustainable public transport services of high quality. As a result, in 2020 Pomorskie Region will get the innovative and flexible system with the modern passenger information module. Attractive journeys with one ticket – valid for all means of transport (trains, buses, ferries, trams) will finally occur realistic and act as common good for our community and guests. 

The authorities of the Pomorskie Region agreed a very comprehensive Programme to set up a joint regional public transport system on its territory. Its core idea is to allow for hassle-free multimodal mobility for the residents and guests. Through Interconnect activities the region has set up a managing body – InnoBaltica. The company teams up with Blekinge Region to design and implement joint cross-border information and ticketing offer in public transportation. 

The system in Pomorskie will take its origin from the international pilot activities. It will be launched tentatively on two multimodal public transport lines connecting the selected functional urban areas with the main interchange nodes in the Tri-city metropolitan area and further to the ferry terminal in Gdynia with a ferry link to Karlskrona. InnoBaltica will take a co-leading role in setting of new/enhanced methods, services and products for passengers in no-car cross-border travels. 

The company will act as a distribution channel provider both 'in' and 'between' the SB partner areas. Reorganization of the company is a first result of the InterConnect project. InnoBaltica will get the final shape after all crucial benchmark analysis of Partners' PT systems.

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