InnoBaltica on Innovation Summit

InnoBaltica at Innovation Summit conference

InnoBaltica had the opportunity to present its 'common ticket' project at the Microsoft Innovation Summit conference held in Warsaw on 28 May. 

The theme of the presentation was Smart integrating citizens 4.0, or how to monitor, manage and integrate data for the benefit of the local community. 

The Innovation Summit conference largely focused on the concept of City of the Future - a vision of a city where digital transformation creates entirely new value in the area of services for residents. Lower energy bills or finding a parking space in less than a few minutes? According to the conference organisers - all of this is already possible. 

In the City of the Future, technologies will affect every dimension of it. Such innovations are already possible and being implemented. 

As a company preparing a project to unify ways of paying for public transport, InnoBaltica showed the main technological principles of the "common ticket" system. 

The extended organism of city transport does not have to be based on differences - the new system is to combine the available means of transport - buses, trams, railways, SKM or trolleybuses. Under the new electronic platform, the residents of Pomeranian Voivodeship will get a single ticket combining more than a hundred carriers, differentiated fares and ticket prices and an information system. Passengers will also have access to a simple, intuitive travel payment system. 

During the conference, other partnership projects emerging under the City of the Future concept were also presented: QEnergia, Raccoon, Focus Telecom, 4mobility, Future Processing, Hexagon, Migam, Querona, Solaris, Digital Teammates. 

Uczestnicy – poza wysłuchaniem prezentacji – uczestniczyli w warsztatowych rozmowach w konwencji „round table”. Dzięki temu każdy mógł pogłębić wiedzę i podzielić się swoimi refleksjami z dziedzin, które go szczególnie zainteresowały.

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