"BIT System for Pomorskie Voivodeship"

The aim of the project "BIT System for Pomorskie Voivodeship" is to improve and streamline the integration of the public transport system by implementing a coherent, innovative and user-friendly ticketing system, developing guidelines for system-level passenger information and implementing a large, innovative bike sharing scheme to improve accessibility, mobility and the quality of mobility services. 

Undertaking these projects requires a range of project development services: 

  • For the ticketing system: feasibility studies, design studies, inventories, market assessment, data collection and protection analysis and preparation of tender documents (technical, legal and economic). 
  • In the field of bike sharing: feasibility studies, market assessment, preparation of tender documents including a contract with an operator. 
  • For passenger information system: development of a concept for an innovative, coherent system to be implemented at all terminals.  

Due to activities supported by the project"BIT System for Pomorskie Voivodeship"passengers will have an easy and modern way to travel, they will arrive at their destination seamlessly thanks to route planning and they will not have to worry about paying for public transport journeys. They will travel to the destination of their choice based on their own priorities - for some it will be cost, for others time, for others facilities for disabled people. 

Pomeranian residents and tourists will also gain easier access to various means of transport - bus, tram, trolleybus, train, city bike and eventually also to vehicles of private carriers. Local self-governments and the voivodeship self-government will also benefit from the project. It is primarily about transparent settlements of revenues from transport fees. 

The electronic payment system will allow for an increase in the effectiveness of subsidies for local transport, minimise the number of 'free riders', and consequently increase budget revenues from ticket sales. The provincial government will gain a more effective use of subsidies for regional transport, automation of the system for settling revenues from statutory reductions, as well as a tool for adjusting the frequency of transport to actual needs. 

By implementing the BIT System project, we believe that integrated public transport measures will, in the long run, contribute to reducing the number of passenger cars on Pomeranian roads. And as we all know, fewer cars and less fumes means cleaner air and better health of the region's inhabitants.

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