What's new in the Interconnect project?

It's me, your Interconnect assistant

Wondering what this strange sounding name means? Interconnect is an international project in which experts from the southern Baltic coastal regions work together to make it easier for passengers to get around by public transport. 

Obecnie podróżowanie komunikacją zbiorową pomiędzy np. Pomorzem a regionem Blekinge w Szwecji czy pomiędzy Kłajpedą na Litwie a Rostockiem w Niemczech nie jest wcale taką prostą sprawą. Wspólnie z europejskimi organizatorami transportu tworzymy więc takie rozwiązania, żeby to podróżowanie ułatwić. Co konkretnie przygotowujemy? 

Trip planner 

It is a useful tool that allows you - as the name suggests - to plan a journey from point A to point B. You enter a destination and the application shows you various ways to get there.

It suggests which option is the shortest, the fastest and the most comfortable. Thanks to this, an exemplary tourist from Sweden, who gets off the passenger ferry at the terminal in Gdynia, will receive practical help on how to reach the destination of his journey. But that is not all. 


It may happen that our tourist is visually impaired. Thanks to a system of beacons, which are tiny devices that transmit a signal to our phones, he will be able to receive voice information on his phone about which bus stop he is at, which vehicles are leaving from it and in which direction they are going. Once he gets on a bus or other public transport vehicle, his smartphone will tell him when to get off in order to reach his desired destination. 

Support for carriers 

Transport organisers and operators will also get their tools under the Interconnect project. A special IT system will bring together in one place data on timetables, the location of stops, synchronisation of arrivals and departures, etc. Thanks to advanced functionalities, transport organisers will be able to check online whether their vehicles run on time, whether the location of stops ensures access to transport for every resident of a given area, etc. The first transport companies in Pomerania have already started testing these functionalities.

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